Steve-O Uploads Picture Of ‘Hollyweed’ Sign Suggesting It Was Probably Him that Did It…

You might well have seen by now that the famous Hollywood sign in Los Angeles was defaced as 2017 was ushered in. It read ‘Hollyweed‘ after pranksters tampered with it.

But who exactly is behind the Jackass-like stunt? Well, someone from Jackass. Perhaps. Steve-O hasn’t officially claimed responsibility, but it’s looking increasingly likely that was him behind the plot.

He posted a picture of himself on social media along with the caption: “I don’t know who did this to the Hollywood Sign, but I’m quite impressed they got away with it.”

Here is the sign (plus the guy probably behind it… In front of it)

steve-o hollyweed

Here’s the Instagram post that tipped people off:

We should’ve guessed, really…

Here’s a news report on the story as it broke: