WATCH: Politician Takes Massive Love Toy To The Face!

You wouldn’t want to be Steven Joyce right now. His face is all over the internet. And not for something good. The man’s a politician. And, like most politicians, he’s not massively popular. He’s the ‘Economic Development Minister’ in New Zealand. And the man recently signed what’s turned out to be a controversial thing called the ‘Trans-Pacific Partnership deal’. And it’s fair to say it’s not getting a lot of love…

He was recently shown up outside a big meeting after someone threw, how can we say politely…? They chucked a ‘love toy’ at him. Right in the damn face too… While being filmed. So it’s no surprise that the footage is going viral. Poor dude. Still, he IS a politician. The whole thing reminds us of when Trump got a tomato thrown at him.

“That’s for r*ping our sovereignty,” the protester can be heard shouting. “That’s for r*ping our country, because of the TPPA and selling away our rights and our freedom.”

Check out the incident here: