Rapper Stitches ‘Punched’ By A Fan During Show; Hits The Guy Right Back

Stitches is a rapper. Apparently. Thing is – we very rarely ever hear any of Stitches’ tracks. All we ever hear about is the man getting hit. People just LOVE punching the man, don’t they? Whether it’s his own crew, The Game, celebrity boxers or – as of now – fans.

Hey, look – we get it, alright? Stitches is kind of a douche and it must be tempting to hit the guy… And the temptation proved too much for one dude at a show recently who ‘punched’ (sort of) the rapper as he performed. Stiches’ reaction? To clock the guy back. Then send in his gigantic security guard.

The security dude has his hooded top done up too tight though and can barely see. As he rushes out, someone throws something right in his face. It’s CARNAGE!