Insane Moment A UFC Fighter Hits A Fan During His Walkout

American UFC fighter Matt ‘The Immortal’ Brown took on Jiu Jitsu expert Demian Maia in Brazil recently and it’s pretty safe to say that his reception was a frosty one. Booed and jeered constantly, angry fans even hit him during his walkout. But Brown’s no pushover (he’s a damn cage fighter, after all…). He hits BACK!

Chants of “Uh vai morrer!” (“You’re gonna die!”) ringing in his ears, Brown ignores the first few lunges, but the last one? He loses it and a straight right is delivered back.

He’d already wound up the crowd at his weigh-in with this ‘non-verbal gesture’:

But that didn’t excuse the fans hitting him. Watch watch happens. And stick around ’til the end to see Brown hit back: