OUCH! UFC Fighter’s Jaw Pops Right Out During Neck Hold Move

You don’t need telling that UFC is dangerous, do you? Any kind of mixed martial arts is not without its risks. After all, punching and kicking people in the head is no one’s idea of a safe time. But still, most of time, it goes off with just some light bruising and a few cuts and scratches. Most of the time. Not all of the time… Just ask Matt Mitrione.

But one of the nastiest looking (and sounding) injuries we’ve come across of late has to be the video we’ve got for you here. In it – from Fight Night 82 – Misha Cirkunov manages to ‘pop’ Alex Nicholson‘s jaw right out of its socket. And it’s really not pleasant.

Nicholson’s had jaw surgery before and even admitted to pulling the wire out himself. Thereby not allowing it time to fully heal. So you’ve gotta say – it’s pretty much entirely his own fault…

Check out what went down: