Usain Bolt Caught Cheating With Olympic Groupie And Wife ‘Monster Drug Lord’

Usain Bolt. He’s the fastest man in the world. So he’s fast, but can he outrun bullets?! We don’t think so. So he’s playing a dangerous game here, we think. He’s been caught cheating on his beautiful future wife with a Brazilian Olympics groupie. One who’s married to a Rio gangster, by all accounts. And the stupidest thing? He got caught after posing for photos with her.

So Usain Bolt can’t outrun bullets. Or cameras. Luckily he can outrun his fiancee, only she’s gonna want to kick his a*s when he gets home after she sees these pictures.

Apparently Bolt picked up the thristy in a club and ended up back at hers. Presumably her husband – described as a ‘monster drug lord‘ was out that night.

Usain Bolt

Personally, we love Usain. But we don’t get what he’s doing here. Just look at his girl back home…


She’s amazing…

But however hot she is, that hasn’t stopped him. He here is grinding his D off in a Rio club: