Fan Kicks Jean-Claude Van Damme In The Head. Just Look How He Responds!

Cameras have captured the moment that Jean-Claude Van Damme took revenge on an excitable fan who kicked him in the head.

Van Damme was at an event to drum up support for his movie, Kickboxer Vengeance, when he invited a fan onstage. The idea was to perform a self-defense demonstration, but when the over-eager member of the public planted a kick on the side of Van Damme’s head, the Muscles From Brussels responded in kind!

Van Damme shows the difference between kicking for show, and kicking for effectiveness, by giving the fan a swift jab in the guts. Obviously winded, the man keels over in pain. But in fairness, he sucks it up, and continues with the demonstration.


Kickboxer Vengeance, which was released late last year, sees MMA stars Cain Velasquez and Georges St-Pierre, as well as WWE legend Dave Bautista, act alongside the Belgian.

Watch the full video below: