This Couple Had A Cannabis Bar At Their Wedding!

Weddings can get a bit familiar after a while. You have the church service, then there’s the reception with speeches and a big dinner, and then finally you all get up and dance ’til you feel sick. As you watch the eighth bride and groom that Summer dance to Whitney Houston’s ‘Hero’, you’d be forgiven for wishing you were somewhere else.

Well, now a couple in Oregon have put on a wedding reception with a difference. As well as the normal Champagne and dinner, John Elledge, and bride Whitney Alexander decided to provide a free weed bar for their guests. The bar, which came with its very own ‘budtender,’ served 13 different strains of cannabis!

Weed Bar 1

Elledge, who is himself a professional marijuana cultivator, told KGM news “we were shocked by how much people loved it. I’m still getting 15 to 20 texts a day from people saying what a life changing event that was and what a great experience it was to have a smoke tent there.”

Weed Bar 2

Apparently, it wasn’t just the young guests who decided to sample the herbal offerings. “The oldest person we had in the tent was an 81-year-old woman who hadn’t smoked weed since the ‘60s. She loved it.” Elledge said.

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