Meet The Olympian Volleyball Player Who’s Breaking The Internet Right Now


Winifer Fernandez is a sportswomen. One who’s busy concentrating on her game. And game is? Volleyball. With the 2016 Olympics starting soon in Rio de Janiero, Brazil, she’s training hard.

But in her spare time? She likes to break the internet. Only pictures of her – playing volleyball and just in her down time – are quickly spreading across the online world and going viral.

And it’s not hard to see why, is it? Winifer is smoking. She represents the Dominican Republic in her chosen sport and is pretty damn good. Not that any of us have noticed, of course…

Here’s some snaps of her:

Winifer Fernandez

Ignore the dude…

Winifer Fernandez

Holy sh*t!

Winifer Fernandez

Witness her in action first hand: