Bernard Hopkins’ Last Fight Ends With Him Being Knocked Out Of The Ring

52 next month, it’s a small miracle that he could get into a ring, let alone be punched through one. Bernard Hopkins retired this weekend in the weirdest way. The Executioner was punched out the ring by Joe Smith Jr., a man 24 years his junior.

Arguably the best middleweight boxing has had since the days of Marvin Hagler, Hopkins leaves the sport a legend. Cocky, sure. But the man is a legend.

Shame he had to leave in such an inauspicious manner. The fall looked pretty bad, though Hopkins was fine.

Bernard Hopkins Last Fight Ring (1)

Hopkins got punched out of the ring and it looked like a KO. Dazed, he was assisted back into the ring which is a disqualification.

Just like Joe Louis in his last fight ever against fellow great Rocky Marciano.

Bernard Hopkins Last Fight Ring (1)

Here’s what he said after the fight: “I might have got hit with a grazed right or a left hook and, going through the momentum, he shoved me out of the ring. I tried to grab the ropes on the way out and I went straight through.”

“I believe I hit my head. I hit my head first and my ankle got hit when I hit the ground, a twist. The doctor says it’s swollen on the right side.”

Bernard Hopkins Last Fight Ring (1)

A real champion leaves the ring on his back…

Here’s exactly what happened: