WATCH: Introducing ‘The Bow Mag’ – The Exploding Arrowhead That Fires A .357 Magnum Round!

“It looks like a bomb and pretty much acts like one.” That’s the kind of quote that makes you wake up and start paying attention when you’re watching a video about a bullet. And this thing here? Not strictly a bullet, but it takes them. Including .357 Magnum rounds.

It’s an arrowhead. And exploding one. Allowing you to turn your bow and arrow into something that would make Rambo jealous, this thing is called ‘The Bow Mag’ and it needs to be seen to be believed!

The guys from ‘Twang n’ Bang’ are eager to show off this awesome bomb-like arrowhead. And you’ll be keen to see the terrific amount of damage that it’s capable of making. It can unleash HELL…