Love Planes? Want To Get Dangerously Close To Them? Check This Unbelievable Place Out!

There aren’t many places where you can really try out your Top Gun-style flying if you’re a jet pilot. But perhaps the best place to test out low flying – and the best place to see it in the world might just be here. At what’s known as ‘Mach Loop’ in north Wales. The mountains are excellent for zipping in between and it makes for a truly awesome spectacle…

Low flying jets like F15s (with afterburners) and Typhoons are all regularly flying there. In any given day you can see fly pasts, sometimes up to forty or fifty a day!

Seeing a jet fighter fly this close to people is a crazy┬áthrill. Just imagine this this damn close to a real life jet fighter. It’s just insane. Have a look at what we’re talking about: