Cowboy Cerrone Finally Shook Matt Brown’s Hand… Then KO’d Him With A HUGE Head Kick


This weekend saw a Helluva knockout kick┬áby Lando Vannata. It’s arguably the KO of the year. But in a much higher profile fight at UFC 206 this weekend we got an almost equally stunning ending via a kick directly to the head. This one will give you a headache just looking at it…

The Cowboy Cerrone Vs. Matt Brown fight has been building up for sometime now and there appeared to be some bad blood between the two before the fight. Insults and barbs were thrown. Handshakes were ignored. But finally the fight happened and the respect due was seen.

It was a tough and closely matched scrap. But it was ended in the most jaw dropping way. A HUGE kick by Cerrone took Brown out of the game…

Cerrone Brown KO

The kick was just perfect…

Cerrone Brown KO

Donald Cerrone knocks out Matt Brown at UFC 206. Here it is:

Another angle: