Angry Road Rager Gets Instant Karma After Cutting Off Bikers In Police Escorted Ride

Road rage. It’s a common phenomenon. Everybody with a driver’s licence will encounter it at one point or another. Either from others or from within themselves. A bubbling anger caused by something that occurs while driving. But you’ve just gotta learn to let it go. Unfortunately for this guy below, he let his rage dictate his behavior. And felt the strong arm of the law for his actions.

We kind of understand his frustrations here. But he had to be more patient. A police-escorted group of motorcyclists were riding in honor of ‘Motorcycle Veterans’ and were hogging the road a little. But instead of waiting a little while, the driver you’re about to see totally lost it and drove on a grassy sidewalk to pass them. Or try to pass them, at least…

But the cops don’t take kindly to his rogue move. Watch what went down and see what you make of the incident: