This Woman Shows You How To Count Cash At Lightning Speed LIKE A BOSS!

China is the undoubted #1 country in the world when it comes to who’s currently making the most green across the world. They’ve become an economic powerhouse in recent years and they ain’t planning on losing that title any time soon. What we’re saying is, they’ve got a lot of money. And what do you do with a lot of money? Well, you count it, that’s what. That’s what we’d do, anyway (before spending it all on a speedboat driven by Rita Ora).

And when you’re drowning in cash, you don’t have time to slowly count your bank notes up like an elderly teller in a local hick bank. You’ve got to rattle through it. And the Chinese lady we’ve got for you here is the ultimate example of that. She counts money like nobody’s business.

Like a total boss. Check it out…