Female Cyclist Gets Awesome Revenge On The Sexist Van Driver That Harasses Her

London, England. Some footage caught on the camera of a motorcyclist‘s helmet. He catches the moment when a female cyclist unleashes some simply awesome revenge on the guys that had been harassing her just seconds before.

The clip shows the passenger wind down his window and talk smack to her, being sexist and saying some pretty nasty things to her about her ‘being on her period’ and then the van drives off. Hey, these things happen.

It’s not cool, but what are you gonna do, huh? Well, if you’re this women… Get revenge. It’s instant karma time!

Cat Calling Van Driver

She peddles fast – the girl is fit – and soon catches up with the van. It’s pulled over. She stops and goes about a little vandalism that leaves the dudes STUNNED!

She speeds up and off into the distance. The driver and his idiot passenger are visibly shocked. But it’s not over. The guy filming behind on the bike slows down to have his say: “That’s exactly what you deserve you scum!”

We love how she handles this. You see her annoyed, but she keeps focused. Here she is as the van pulls off and she’s probably getting the idea to follow them…

Cat Calling Van Driver

Check out how she handles herself. No fear…