This Lion, Tiger And Bear Just Refuse To Separate…

Noah’s Ark Animal Sanctuary, Georgia. The Atlanta sanctuary has three rather unusual animals among their ranks. But the craziest thing about them? The lion, tiger and bear are all the very best of pals. Weird, huh?

Noah’s Ark’s Sanctuary Curator is a lady called Allison Hedgecoth. she spoke of the sadness of everyone there when the three first pitched up:

“The tiger and the lions’ noses were busted up, and they’re still scarred today. The poor bear had a harness growing actually INTO his skin because the owner never loosened it as the bear grew…”

Lion tiger Bear

Baloo, Shere-Kahn and Leo were all rescued as cubs and all were pretty terribly treated. So it seems that they bonded over growing up together.

All three animals were rescues after it was found that they were being kept illegally as pets. Their home? A dark and dingy basement owned by criminals. They were discovered by police during a large drugs raid.

The rescuers attempted to separate them in order to raise them on their own, but all three would cry and whine and only settled when all back together. They’d formed an inseparable bond… A real pack.

Lion tiger Bear

Dammit, we can’t help it – this is pretty sweet. This’ll melt even the coldest of cold hearts. Check it out: