This Is The ‘Yo Mama’ Joke To End All ‘Yo Mama’ Jokes!

Stand-up comedian Lavelle Crawford’s got some great advice for you… ‘Never ever get into a ‘yo mama’ session, with yo mama’. And he illustrates just what he’s talking about in a brilliantly funny routine that we’ve got for you right here.

We all love a good ‘yo mama’ joke, don’t we? They’re simple, not particularly sophisticated, but damn funny. Here’s some of our favorutes:

‘Your mama is so ugly Scorpion said “Stay over there!”‘

‘Yo momma so fat, even Ripley couldn’t believe it.’

‘Yo mama’s such a skank, she gave three guys ear infections from having phone sex…’

It’s Lavelle Vs. His Own Mama. And there’s only one winner…

Yep, that’s right – that is Huell from Breaking Bad!