Millionaire Builds His Own $15m Super Stealth Combat Warship!

There’s a huge and pretty amazing super-stealth warship out there in American waters right now that took years to create and cost over $15 million to put together. Want to know the weird thing, though? It’s not owned by the US military. But don’t worry – it’s not the Russian Navy’s either… This magnificent combat ship is privately designed and owned.

Greg Sancoff is a self-made millionaire and the CEO of a firm called Juliet Marine Systems, Inc. He’s spent the past decade coming up with ‘The Ghost’;¬†even putting in an incredible $5m of his own cash into the research and development of it. It’s an incredible marine beast that glides through the waters, completely off any radars. Unlike every other ship on earth. The Ghost can get into ‘denied access’ places, making it highly sought after.

We’re thinking a bid from the US Navy isn’t that long in coming, Greg…