Super cocky MMA Fighter Does Ridiculous Entrance; Gets Put INSTANTLY Down!

‘Jason Solomon does it all. He raps, he flirts with the girls, and he is one heck of a fighter….’ So says the commentator when he emerges from backstage, about to make his entrance to the ring. Jason R. Solomon jerks and dances about. To his own rap song. He’s cocky. He’d better be able to back it up in the ring, huh???

When the MMA fighter¬†eventually gets into the ring (after a real douchebag swinging thing to get inside), he glares at his opponent and gets right in his face. And then when the fight begins? You’re PRAYING for him to get knocked the f*ck out

And you don’t have to wait all that long! Say, three seconds? It’s an epic hammering from his hard-hitting opponent. Check it out – instant karma!