Check Out The Top Five Most BAD*SS Blades On Earth… They Are BRUTAL!

We’ve all seen videos from that crazy German weapons guy Joerg Sprave before, haven’t we? He’s an eccentric guy who loves nothing better than creating his own bizarre weapons at home. Slingshots, Gatling guns, customs ninja blades, you name it. Well, he’s back with another video, this time showcasing five of the most bad*ss blades on the planet…

We see everything from a cheapo $32 dollar knife to a ridiculous homemade blade from the man. And there’s even something that’s somehow even more terrifying than its name… The MicroTech Jagdkommando Dagger!

Someone HAS to give this dude his own TV show sooner or later. We love him! He’s got a certain screen presence and plenty of charm. He’s also totally nuts and a huge insurance risk, but hey – c’mon TV execs – take a chance of him, eh?