Man In A Buggy Versus A Stubborn Bush

Man is a stubborn animal. More stubborn, even, than a mule. We know sometimes that what we’re going to do isn’t going to work, but we straight up go and do it anyway. And then it all goes wrong and nobody’s really surprised. After all, anyone with half a brain could see what was going to happem. Everyone, that is, but the stubborn guy.

In this hilarious video, we meet one such stubborn character. He needs to uproot a bush from outside his property. Now of course he could use a chainsaw, or even hire in a piece of heavy machinery to drag it out of the ground. But he’s stubborn, this guy, so what’s he decided to use? A buggy. That’s a right – a buggy. You know buggies, right? Lightweight sports vehicles designed to tackle off-road terrain, such as you’d find down at the beach?


They were never designed to pull up bushes.

Pictured: What a buggy is actually for.

That doesn’t stop the guy in this video from trying, of course. The results are both inevitable and laugh out loud funny. Check it out: