Mercedes-Driving Douche Is Confronted After Parking Across THREE Spaces!


Parking spaces. How big are they? Roughly, about the size of a car, right? And why? Well, it’s so that they can fit a car in them, isn’t it? It’s a pretty simple concept. But some drivers can’t quite grasp it. They feel the need to park their vehicles over more than one space. Those double space douchebags. But if you think that’s bad… Just wait until you see the parking job we’ve got for you here. This guy manages to use up THREE parking spots for one car!

And he’s confronted about it. And rightly so. God knows what was running through his mind when he killed the engine, but after the dressing down he received for his parking abilities on his return? You’ve gotta wonder if he’ll ever do it again.

We hope not. It’s almost unbelievable that someone would leave their car in the position that this guy and his equally annoying wife did. Alright, admittedly – the dude filming is pretty annoying too, but hey – you can’t have everything, can you? Check it out: