Mike Tyson Brings Us His Favorite Knockouts Ever To Remind Us All How Awesome He Was

50 wins, 44 of those by way of knock-out. An impressive record. But the numbers don’t really tell the story. They can’t illustrate just how ferocious, brutal and devastating a boxer Mike Tyson really was. Many cite Muhammed Ali as ‘The Greatest’ of all time, but for our money, it’s Brooklyn-born Tyson every time.

A tough street kid, he was molded and shaped into a pugilist by famed trainer Cus D’Amato. Cus would go on to become a mentor and father figure to Tyson and his death would leave an aching chasm in the boxer’s life. One he went on to try and fill with women, alcohol and drugs.

Tyson had an pretty tumultuous career, but what people will remember him for is is fearsome knockouts. We wouldn’t know where to start in terms of ranking them. But we don’t need to worry about that, let’s let Mike himself show us some of his favorite killer blows in an amazing supercut…