MMA Compassionate Fighter Argues With Ref Instead of Pummeling KO’d Opponent

It’s Chad George Vs. Mark Vorgeas at Bellator 136. George has Vorgeas in what’s known as a ‘Von Flue choke‘. And he’s choked him out. George knows it, but the referee hasn’t picked up on it. Now, to make sure of the win, some fighters might have sprung up and pummeled their opponent while unconscious to prove that they’re not fighting back. But our victor here does something entirely different…

He shows true sportsmanship and compassion and jumps up and yells at the referee for not spotting that his opponent was out cold. Like the commentators say – no one’s ever seen that kind of play before. It’s most unusual. But totally the right thing to do.

What is the ref doing? Why hasn’t he seen that one of the MMA fighters has been choked out? We love what Chad George does here, though. He declines to hit Mark┬áVorgeas a little to prove his point. True fighter. Check it out: