MMA Fighter Sprays Pee Over His Opponent At Weigh-In

Most of the time, fighters are professional and respect their opponent. Alright, sometimes, there’s a little trash talking in the lead up to the scrap, but nine times out of ten that’s all about selling the fight. But every now and again? The two fighters mean it. Like these two MMA brawlers.

It’s the URCC (Universal Reality Combat Championships). Kiko Matos and Baron Geisler faced off at the weigh-in. When out of nowhere Matos got out a bottle of yellow liquid and sprayed it all over his rival. It was urine. Geisler, obviously, wasn’t very happy…

Matos later claimed it was just beer and it was just a ‘mind game’.

MMA Urine

Here is the incident:

Before that the two had already clashed, coming to blows:

And then they actually fought. Here’s how it went down…