Brutal Revenge Taken On Litter Offenders By Motorcyclist Vigilante Hero

What’s your pet peeve? We’ve all got one, haven’t we? Some people go crazy when the lid’s left off the toothpaste. Others can’t control themselves when a fly gets in the room. It can be different for everyone. But we think a lot of people get peeved by littering. It’s not cool, is it? We all gotta walk these streets, we don’t want to be stepping over someone’s else’s garbage¬†every five seconds just because they couldn’t be bothered to find a trash can.

But just how annoyed can you get about littering? We don’t like it but we’d never go so far as to go the full Batman on it. But the female Russian motorcyclist you’re about to meet is fully prepared to. She’s happy to risk it all by fully assuming the role of street cleaning vigilante. She catches litterers in the act and exacts revenge in the most awesome way.

True Thug behavior right here…