Here’s a Knife You Could Take To A Gun Fight And Still Win

We’ve met the weapons fanatic and engineering genius Joerg Sprave before, haven’t we? He’s the creator of 1001 homemade guns, slingshots, crossbow and all sorts of other crazy, scary stuff. He’s a lovely guy, but that somehow just makes the whole thing that little bit scarier. Anyway, the man’s back with another new contraption. This time with a knife gun. That’s right, a gun (of sorts) that fires knives.

They’re special throwing knives known as Kunai knives and they’re specially designed for penetration after projection. They’re just so damn sharp. They’re certainly not to be underestimated, these things…

It’s pump gun and a repeater. It’s not something you’re likely to be able to make at home, but that’s probably a good thing. This kind of weirdness should be left to the professionals. And strange German dudes who live in the woods.