Watch Out Who You Challenge To a Road Race – You Never Know What Might Happen Next!

Hey, look – we know we’re not Aryton Senna, okay? We know we’ll never be a real racing driver. But there’s no harm in dreaming, is there? Revving your engine a little and having the occasional race. Hey, if you and the other car are driving safe, what’s the harm???

Well, life ain’t Furious 7, pal. Your actions have consequences. You can’t just go flooring your car whenever you feel like it. The freeway’s not your own personal race track, you know. There are other cars about. And sooner or later, it’s gonna go wrong. Just ask this guy…

He spots another muscle car that looks like it’s up for a race. He hits the accelerator… Oh, it. Is. ON!

Oh, no – hang on. Wait.