What Happens When You Fire a Rocket-Propelled Grenade At 16″ Of Bulletproof Glass? THIS!

45 layers of bulletproof glass. Packed together to form a foot and a half of the most protective screening you can imagine. It’s going to protect you from EVERYTHING right? Surely there’s not a weapon on earth that’s going to blow through 16″ of bulletproof glass?!

Or is there? In a YouTube video recently uploaded by some experimenting Russians, they’re putting that to the test. Against an RPG. Rocket-propelled grenades are anti-tank weapons systems that are easily portable and fired from the shoulder. They’re basically bombs you can carry about over your shoulder. Bazookas. Can they penetrate the ultimate safety net?

So, then. Let’s get down to it. What happens when you shoot one of these bad boys…


… into this?

RPG Let’s find out, shall we?!