‘Indestructible’ Vehicle That Can Drive Through Walls And Survive BOMB Attacks!


It’s called The Marauder. It’s described as ‘The World’s Most Indestructible Vehicle’ by the people who make it. And we can see why… It can been driven at over 75mph through walls. Yep, you read that right – THROUGH WALLS! It’s an enormous armored military vehicle that can not only smash through walls and buildings – it can withstand bombs. Yup. Really. A landmine can go off underneath it and it can carry on driving…

Built by the South African army, if you want on of these beasts, you’re out of luck. Unfortunately these bad boys are for sale to the general public. You have to be from a sovereign state approved by the South African government and NATO.

It’s basically a hardcore Humvee. So a Hummer that can drive over parked cars, plough through walls and withstand up to ten pounds of plastic explosives.

Oh yeah.

We’ve seen some awesome cars here before, but this takes the biscuit…