Bulletproof Vest Company CEO Tests Out His Own Product!

Robert Kaiser is the sort of man who puts his money where his mouth is. And bullets where his stomach is. The man really believes in his company and product. Kaiser is the CEO of a firm called PSS Body Armor, a UK-based company that produces a wide range of protective clothing from bulletproof vests to slashproof shirts.

Oh, the ‘bullets where his stomach is’ thing? Yeah, he was happy to test out one of his vests on camera. He got a colleague shoot him. Seriously.

‘It certainly hurt, it hurt a lot…’ Well, it’s no big surprise. The dude just got shot by a 9mm bullet from close range. But while he was hurt, he wasn’t dead. And the very fact that he was willing to put it to the test must mean that this is a quality product! If we’re ever in the market for, you know, not dying due to a gunshot, we’ll give Robert a call…