Drunk Teens Slide Down Glass Roof And It Ends BADLY!

Independence Square, Kiev, in the Eastern European country of Ukraine. A few kids are having a couple of drinks and enjoying the nice weather. Teenagers and alcohol isn’t always a good mix though, is it? Especially with how strong the vodka gets over that way. So, rather naturally, they have a few too many and decide to do something fun. Something crazy. Something stupid…

They decide to slide down a huge glass roof and see if they can land on their feet. Wearing absolutely no safety gear whatsoever. And guess what? It doesn’t go well.

Here they go…

An eyewitness, Pavel Yarmelenko said this of the incident:

“These guys were drunk and they were fooling around at the top, I don’t think they really intended to jump, but their friends were encouraging them so they decided to do it.

But once they started picking up speed they must have regretted it but it was too late to stop then. They really hit the ground fast.”

And there they land. Badly.

Jacob Polyakov and his friend Jamal Maslow are the idiots on show. Maslow is the lucky one, suffering just from a broken coccyx. Polyakov, however, wasn’t so lucky. He smacked his head and had to go into to intensive care. He’s recovering now, but c’mon – what did these guys expect? It was never a good idea…

Check out pure stupidity for yourself:

There you go. Learn a lesson – don’t slide off a huge glass roof when drunk.