HUGE Beef Goes Down in the Middle of a Supercross Race!

Top level sport can cause some very serious emotions. Whether it be the fans or the sportsmen themselves, blood runs high occasionally. People can fall out and, on occasion, run-ins happen. People get mad. Fists fly. Just like here in this Supercross race. RidersĀ Vince Friese and Weston Peick have a run-in and end up colliding. But instead of just dusting themselves down and getting on with the race, the two collide again… Man to man.

Peick takes the clash badly, blaming Friese for it and immediately squares up to the man. An argument ensues and hands are thrown. Luckily for Friese, he’s kept his helmet on! Still, that’s not to say that was in any way safe. If there’s one place you don’t want to be standing, it’s in the middle of a Supercross track! Get hit by a motorbike and you’ll know about it.

Check out what went down and see who you think is most out of order by their actions…