Teacher Asks Class To Hand In 16 Line Poems. One Kid Hands In A Poem That’s ALL Thug

Everybody hated poetry at school – everybody. If anybody tells you they enjoyed poetry, they’re lying. Poetry’s the kind of thing they got up to in the old days before flat screen TVs and PS4s and cell phones and stuff. In the old days, there was only three things to do – farming, staring at a wall and poetry. There may have been other things to do, but whatever. We ain’t from the old days, and yet teachers at school don’t seem to realize this and still set the kids stupid poetry stuff to do even though it’s not important.

Well one kid’s fighting back against the evils of poetry. When his teacher told him to write a sixteen line poem, he was like, ‘Sixteen lines? You kiddin’ me?’ So he decided he didn’t need to write sixteen lines of poetry. He wrote just four lines. And then he did this.


Your move, teacher.