The Game And His Crew Knock Rival Rapper Stitches OUT!

Who wants to hear about a rapper beef? Sure you do. We all love the latest gossip between two warring rappers. We’d rather they didn’t escalate into Biggy / Tupac territory, but a bit of name calling and a few punches thrown is fun, isn’t it? The latest at each other’s throats? The Game and that weird dude with the facial tattoos, Stitches.

Stitches Rapper

There’s been bad blood between the pair for some time and after this weekend’s incident? You can guarantee they won’t be meeting up for cappuccinos any time soon…

Stitches Mug Shot

It all happened in Miami. Stitches, the white dude with The Joker-style smile/tattoos was outside a club and bumped into The Game and his entourage (we’re sure it was no accident). Things got heated. Stitches ended up on his a*s. Looks like The Game‘s tiny little manager – Wack 100 – knocked him clean OUT!

Wack and Stitches spent the night behind bars too.

Check it out: