Canoe Polo Player Executes BRUTAL Thug Move During Game

The competitive sport of of Canoe Polo – often shortened to Polo by players of the game – requires players to display a high level of canoe-handling and ball control skills. It’s a team game, each side consisting of five players and three substitutes in the pool or flat stretch of water where the game is played. The aim of each team is to score in the opposing team’s goal, which sits suspended nine feet above the water behind each team.

The tactics each team deploys against their opponents shares similarities with tactics seen in both basketball and water polo, but with the added complexity of boat control thrown into the mix. The ball is either thrown by hand, or passed between players using their canoe paddles to score goals. It’s a complex, complicated sport, with each player required to display a high level of skill, discipline, accuracy and control.

And then there’s this thug: