Turkey Hunter Gets Mistaken For Bird While Out Hunting; Gets Shot In The Butt

Roderick Lauer and his pals like shooting turkeys. Apparently it’s sport to fire bullets into big dumb birds like that. They go out into the woods or wherever dressed up like they’re characters fromĀ Call of Duty and shoot up the place. But they don’t like it when THEY’RE the ones getting shot…

Unfortunately, this isn’t a clip showing turkeys fighting back with AKs or anything. But it shows a turkey hunter getting shot because another hunter mistakes him for, well, a turkey.

The people in the video uploaded the clip onto YouTube, along with a message. It reads:

‘We are posting this video to remind people to always know what you are shooting at and also to know what is behind your target. In this particular incident we are calling to 2 gobblers that are located in front of us when somebody sneaks in behind us and shoots through us and hits US and drills our decoy.’

Turkey Hunter Shot

Here’s the crazy footage…