This Is The World’s Deadliest Bullet And This Is How It Works

We’ve come a long way since the days of the flintlock pistol and front-loading musket. Modern guns and the projectiles they fire are now computer designed and precision engineered by highly skilled weapons experts to produce maximum accuracy and efficiency. The options available to military, law enforcement and domestic users of a wide range of weaponry and projectiles have never been greater, and if G2 Research has its way, there will soon be a bullet on the market that is even more deadly than anything that ever been produced before.

In this promotional video from the arms research company, they show off what’s being described as the ‘world’s deadliest bullet’. Called the Radically Invasive Projectile (or, rather aptly, the R.I.P.), this new bullet differs from previous hollow- and non-hollow point projectiles with its eight precision-tooled ‘Trocar’ arms, which break away from the base and spread outwards when the bullet impacts the target, causing maximum damage that would be lethal were it to hit a human or animal target. There’s no wonder the manufacturers have labelled this the ‘last round you’ll ever need’.

Check it out: