BOOM! Funniest Punch Ever Thrown Caught On Camera!

Fighting’s not cool. Sure, we love a good bout of boxing or an awesome match-up in terms of mixed martial arts, but street dust-ups? Nah, man. It’s for the kids. It’s stupid. People get hurt. Like the guy in this video. But his injuries are entirely his fault. And pretty damn funny!

Hey, we’re not laughing at someone getting hit… Quite the opposite. There’s a fight kicking off on the street. A dude comes out of nowhere to throw a cheap shot at someone from behind. A real punk move, if you ask us. It’s nothing but cowardly.

Luckily for the guy he’s aiming at who doesn’t know about it, the guy misses. Unluckily for the idiot throwing the hand – he misses. It’s not just his pride that’s hurt, though. Oh no. This wannabe Floyd Mayweather faceplants. BIG TIME!