11 Year Old Shoots Home Invader While Left Home Alone With 4 Year Old Sister

St. Louis, Missouri: An eleven year old boy has shot and killed a sixteen year old intruder after he broke into the eleven year old’s home while he was alone with his four year old sister. The sixteen year old broke into the Hallwood Drive house on Thursday at approximately 2:30pm. On discovering the intruder – who was accompanied by another sixteen year old – the eleven year old boy shot him dead.

“An 11-year-old who was inside picked up a handgun and fired one round, striking the suspect and fatally wounding him,” said Sgt. Brian Schellman, a police spokesman. “It just seems that at this point anyone can pull the trigger on a weapon, it’s very scary.”


The second sixteen year old was seen to flee the scene as the shooting began, and was later apprehended by police. The eleven year old was taken into custody, and police are now trying to get to the bottom of why he and his sister were left home alone, and how he was able to get his hands on a firearm. The body of the dead teenager was removed by the coroner’s office at around 4:30pm (pictured below).


Not much else is known about the incident at this time, however, neighbors of the eleven year old dispute his version of events. They say they heard an argument before the shooting started, and that the dead intruder was allegedly only on the porch of the house and not inside it. The case continues.