50 Cent: “The Bullet Lodged In My Tongue Is Great For Oral Sex…”

We hear a fair amount about 50 Cent these days, don’t we? Whether it’s on the news for his part in weird blackmail schemes or right here at Thug Life Videos, he gets about. After all, we told you all about his bankruptcy, pimping of a Boeing 747¬†(which many have contributed to his bankruptcy…) and even his hilarious response to YouTube haters

He was on a UK TV chat show recently, telling host Graham Norton and fellow guests Julie Walters, Kate Winslet and Michael Fassbender about the time he got shot nine times. One of the bullets got lodged in his tongue and he claimed that it’s useful for going down on women

Keen to find out what this miracle oral-boosting thing was all about, veteran actress Julie Walters had a feel. It’s a pretty messed-up televisual moment and the audience¬†look a bit surprised, but it’s all pretty fun. See what happened: