He SPITS On This Abandoned Dog In Public… Now Watch How This Other Guy Responds…

Times are tough at the moment and for many people, luxuries can’t really be justified or afforded. Recessions hit hard and things you don’t absolutely need for survival are often cut. Your hand is forced. The toughest decision? To get rid of a beloved family pet. Like dogs.

This social experiment sees two beautiful huskies tied up on the streets and left abandoned. How will the people of New York City react? Will they stop and help? Pet them? Water them? Ignore them…?

Moe & ET Are YouTube film-makers determine to make a point about poverty and the responsibilities of pet ownership.

Abandoned dog Experiment (1)

So they set up cameras and filmed what went down. We think you’re gonna be shocked. Especially by the piece of sh*t who SPITS on one of the dogs…

Abandoned dog Experiment (1)

But make sure you stick around ’til the end… This guy shows up:

Abandoned dog Experiment (1)

He’s a true hero. And there’s something outstanding about what he does.

Here is the experiment in full, complete with its rather surprising reactions from people…