Giving Rides In A Sports Car In The Hood – Check The Crazy Reaction Of The 4th Guy!

We’re not exactly sure why they decided to do it, but YouTubers PetrosComedy thought it’s be a good idea to offer rides to some neighborhood dudes in a V10 Audi R8. Hey, why not, huh?

They’ve called their video ‘Gold digger prank’. Again, we don’t know why. It’s not really a prank and it’s not a gold digger set up. Still, who cares? They get an amazing reaction from one kid…

Talk about being baked. The fourth dude in the video couldn’t be more stoned if he tried. He can’t even talk. He’s being driven around his ‘hood at 100mph and drifting (well, kind of drifting…) and it’s like he’s about to fall asleep.

Total Thug Life.