Monkey Shows Dog Who The True Thugs Of The Animal Kingdom Are…

Who’s the real king of the jungle? Who really bosses the animal kingdom? Yeah, okay – fine. It’s probably us. But humans aside. Is it the lion? The Great White Shark? For our money, it’s got to be the monkey. Hey, you’ve seen Planet of the Apes, you know what they’re capable of. They’re just smarter than all the other animals. Sure, cats are clever, but a monkey’s got the upper hand hand on a cat. And on a dog? Forget about it, primates are coming out on top all day long…

And we can prove it right here in this latest Thug Life compilation.

Tracks in order:
0:19 Jay Z – Lucifer
0:46 50 Cent – I Get Money
1:04 Dr. Dre – What’s the Difference
1:35 Nelly – Shake Ya Tailfeather
2:01 Snoop Dogg & C Murder – Gangsta Gangsta

The video descriptions in order:
0:08 One handed catch
0:28 Deaf parents
1:01 Monkey annoys dog
1:21 Truck stopped by police
1:39 P*ssed off man