15 Year-Old Girl Thrown In Jail With Thieves And Killers – Watch Her Crazy Reaction!

St. Clair, Illinois. A 15 year-old girl in a gang called ‘BDA (Bout Dat Action)’ is getting into fights almost every day. Her name’s Lexi and her mom’s deeply concerned about her. Talking to her doesn’t work. So she decides to do something drastic. Send her to jail.

Okay, she’s not being sentenced – Lexi’s going on A&E’s prison reality show, Beyond Scared Straight. Thrown into an adult jail environment, the guards and inmates do their absolute damnedest to – yep, you guessed it – scare her straight! And they don’t go easy on her – Lexi gets both barrels from everyone. But this girl’s biting back…

Is Lexi scared straight by her experience? Find out here: