Strength And Size Or Speed And Technique? 250lb BodyBuilder Vs. 150lb Black Belt!

David Vs. Goliath. Speed Vs. size. A huge 250lb fighter takes on a significantly lighter opponent in a tussle. Who’s going to win? Who’s your money on?

In one corner there’s Pedro Sauer, an 8th Degree Red and Black belt in Jiu Jitsu. And in the other? An enormous bodybuilder who outweighs Sauer by a good 100lbs. The bodybuilder’s Lance Batchelor and he was Mr Utah some years ago. But he’s no dope. The dude’s a fighter of some pedigree with a mean right hook on him…

If it were a weightlifting contest, Batchelor would wins hands down. But it’s not. Still, the sheer mass of him surely makes him too big to  handle and throw around as Sauer would like, surely?

It’s an epic battle – find out who comes out on top: