Meet The Beekeeper Who’s Trained Bees To Make Honey From Weed

Weed is being legalized in more and more states across the USA. Soon, maybe every state will have cannabis legal to buy, sell and use. But for now? We’ll take what we can get. And with the increase in legalization across the country, more and more ‘edible’ products are hitting the market. The latest? Weed honey.

That’s right, honey made by bees where they use the flowers from marijuana plants. And it’s all the idea of a Frenchman who goes by the name, ‘Nicholas Trainerbees‘.

His ‘cannabees‘ are immune to the stuff, don’t worry. It’s perfectly safe and it’s not cruel for the little bees.

Cannabis Bees

An information officer from something called ‘The Bumblebee Conservation Trust‘, Darryl Cox, said:

“Bees could collect cannabis pollen, which would potentially be intoxicating. You do find pollen in honey. Having seen the video – the bees are foraging for nectar which contains lots of secondary metabolites, not just sugar, and could potentially be intoxicating…”

Sounds good to us. Put us down for a few jars, Nic.