This Detachable Wheel Winch Will Help Get Your Car Out Of The Trickiest Situations!


If you ever find yourself going off road for any length of time whatsoever – for whatever reason – you’ll know just how easy it can be to get your car stuck. Even with the most rugged on off-road vehicles, certain types of terrain will beat you.

You need an ace up your sleeve for such occasions. Something that you can rely on to get you out of the sh*t. And, well, we might just have the answer for you right here. It’s called the ‘Bush Winch‘.

And what do you know? It’s from Australia. The home of the crazy terrain. You don’t wanna get caught out Down Under, stuck in the outback. Not with their disgusting array of snakes and scorpions and spiders…


This ‘self-recuperation device’ uses the vehicle’s own power to haul itself out of a mess. It’s cool…