‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl Rolls Deep With Her Own Bodyguards Now…

She’s about as famous as it gets at the moment. And it’s come out of nowhere. Whereas most people who need security have done for years, Danielle Bregoli (aka The ‘Cash Me Ousside’ Girl) is only just needing to have dudes back her up. Makes sense when you remember than incident on the plane last week.

Entertainment and gossip website TMZ snapped her leaving Los Angeles’ LAX airport on Monday night with two crazy big dudes at her and her mother’s side, backing them up. In case anyone rushed them, trying to get famous or anything.

The guy first tasted a little internet fame as Bregoli featured him on social media. In the clip she says: “Ain’t punching nobody on a plane today. That’s his job – to punch people for me!”

She confirmed it with this quick Instagram video showing the man mountain:

Here’s the other guy:

@guardiansecurity @frankdellatto

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